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    CIOReviewIndia Recognizes Stratbeans As 20 Most Promising eLearning and Gamification Solution Providers- 2020

    Create eLearning Yourself

    Create Graphics And Animations Yourself

    A professional design team for creating elearnings, interactive videos and product demos for you

    Digital Learning Strategy


    Leadership Development courses address the skills required to become a successful leaders, through an interactive content developed in partnership with MIT Sloan

    A leader need to be equipped with new competencies for leading in today’s digital world. Some of the freshly created courses are as follows:

    • The Agile Leader: Perseverance and Flexibility
    • Leading Virtually
    • Leading Innovation
    • Leading Through the Challenge of Change
    • Embracing Diversity in Leadership
    • Leading with Digital Technology
    • Leading Through Disruption
    • Leading a Customer-Centric Culture
    • And more

    We will help you develop the right mix of personal and business technical skills employers yearn for. We provide learners with 24/7 access to resources from microlearning videos to books, audiobooks, MIT Sloan Management Review articles, and on-the-job application guides to help create a habit of learning and keep you moving forward.

    Productivity and Collaboration Tools

    Productivity and collaboration skills are essential in today’s workplace to bring the culture of innovation and work quality. Organizations can achieve it by adopting the digital technologies.

    Our Productivity and Collaboration Tools Collection provides in-depth training on

    • Business Applications
    • Graphics and Design
    • Internet/Social media
    • Mobile – tablets/phones
    • Operating Systems
    • MS Office

    Business Skills

    Business Skills courses are designed keeping in mind a new modern learner at workplace. To remain agile and competitive, an organization require both hard and soft skills such as

    • Professional development
    • Team building
    • Project execution
    • Customer success
    • Communication skills
    • And many more skills

    Digital Transformation

    Through Digital transformation courses individual, leaders and team can become more knowledgeable and understand how digital technologies can be leveraged by organizations internally.

    • Internet of Things
    • Machine learning and AI
    • Data-driven decision making
    • Computational thinking
    • Business Technology
    • Cloud Computing
    • Design Thinking


    Our Compliance training solutions are customizable and has been developed with experienced industry experts. We are helping organizations by enabling the employees to take the right decisions.

    Our library consists of following compliance trainings:

    • Legal Compliance
    • Conduct and ethics
    • Risk mitigation
    • Workplace safety and health

    Technology, Developer and Certification Solutions

    Empower your team with the latest and future ready technical skills with hands-on practice labs available environment.

    • Software Developer
    • Database/Big Data
    • Cyber Security
    • Cloud/Virtualization
    • Networking
    • Sys Admin/Dev Ops
    • And many more