Cost Reduction & Quality Enhancement for BPO/BPM Transition

We offer an end to end solution, which can accelerate remote knowledge transition. We make the knowledge transition between experts very quick. This helps in setting up shared service centres (BPO/KPO setup). Our platform helps you to migrate processes within your own centres or to a full-scale third-party operation.

Worlds leading BPOs and KPOs use Articulate 360 for knowledge transfer excellence and cost saving.

BPO/KPO pack includes:

  • Automated SOP development using knowledge capture platform, for remote capturing of a process and conversion into video SOP without tedious copying and pasting of screenshots into word documents.
  • Technical support helpdesk
  • Business support helpdesk
  • Free as well as paid orientation sessions for Transition and Training teams
  • Need based group training sessions
  • LMS wrapper – a tool for training management

The knowledge transfer begins with installing Articulate 360 on the SME machines. After the license is setup the capture of any process can be done speedily.

Once the process capture is done, it is suitably published into Word SOP, Video SOP, Simulation, and an assessment work benches. Video SOP is used for self paced and guided learning of operation agents, making it easier to grasp the process steps. While Simulation is a virtual learning environment or a sand box, which is used for skill training in a controlled environment with real life process examples. The learner is guided at each steps with the help of hints and feedback, if they miss any step in the standard operating procedure.

After practice, the assessment mode kicks in, to certify a learner against the standard benchmark of productivity and accuracy . After each assessment, a capability score is generated which depicts the learning curve.

You can also create video SOPs for contextual knowledge training, these are typically created as logical branching simulations to enable intuitive training over complex processes.

Articulate 360 also has the capability to make sure that the process documentation is easy to refresh and can be updated on a regular basis by capturing specific parts of a process and replacing the existing steps rather than requiring re-creation of documents and learning material, this ensures that learners and new joiners are always trained using the most current knowledge about the standard procedures.

In the BPO pack, tool for training management is included which is used for the new joiners as well as for continuous learning. So it’s not about transitioning say first 100-200 people, but it’s for every attrition. It’s about 20-25% of people to be trained on an ongoing basis and that too on the latest and greatest processes and not just what has been documented a year back. The entire workflow and reporting system is customizable giving you the ability to create and refine the process of collaboration between all stakeholders such as: trainers, subject matter experts, transition managers, and customers.

This is a great differentiator or Articulate 360 BPO pack, many BPOs use it either in conjunction with tools such as Epiplex and Adobe captivate or as a more efficient replacement of those tools.

Let me explain functioning of LMS wrapper in three simple steps,

Training plan contains a sequence of activities and the timings, which makes assuming a learning path towards Certification of the process owners and team members.

With this, the learners get the SMS and email alerts and now they can go through the let me show you how this looks like for a learner

  • In the first step, the content is uploaded and baked into a training plan
  • Then the list of trainees is uploaded
  • And lastly, the training plan is assigned to the learners.

Write to us for demo and Free trial,

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