Our Training Management System (TMS) is a module of ATUM-LMS which brings efficiency into instructor-led training/class. It supports management of classroom training, uploading of trainer’s data, class attendance and resource management. It is a very useful tool allowing trainers to fix training sessions for their employees based on the need of the organization.

It is a web-based Training Management System that is used to plan, implement, and assess a course content. Training management system provides options to self sign-up, assign specific modules to specific groups, send email alerts, view real-time activity feeds for course completion. There is real-time analytics provided to track course performance, as well. Aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings, this involves:

  • Increased Productivity: Skills and Concepts of the employees get sharpened.
  • Less Supervision: Employees gain more knowledge and become self-reliant.
  • Job Satisfaction: Employees get along with the management of the organization as well as its functioning. This leads to their satisfaction towards their job.


Let us track how TMS becomes an essential tool for different units of an organizational structure:

  • For the Organizations (higher management): – Organizations (higher management) can fix up the areas they want their trainees to get instructed. They are provided the information about the venues, instructors ( instructor name, interests and competency), expenditure out of the different training sessions, and the best possible training available according to the organization’s budget.
  • For the Trainees: – They get time to time notifications about the timings, venues, and instructors( their names along with their area of specialization).
  • For the Instructors: -They are also informed about the timings, venues, incentives and about their requirements by different organizations for training.

ATUM-TMS covers pieces of training for every department, not just the specific ones. It also allows the flexibility for trainers to set up their courses on which they require training for their employees and so the relevant instructors and training sessions are chosen. ATUM-TMS expands its reach to every industry.



Easily identify best performers in the organization; Capture and replicate best performance across various departments, manage training sessions for their employees according to the organization’s need.


Streamlines the training processes so that energy can be put on other aspects of the business; SOPs / Induction Training / Subject Matter training can be centralized and tracked.


These days, Educational institutions all across the world, are the biggest user of such weblearning dissemination platforms.