The multi-tool package for multi-user collaboration with responsiveness at a whole new level.

Articulate 360 is a multi-tool package comprising Storyline 360, Rise, Content Library, Articulate Review, Preso, Peek, Studio 360, Replay 360, Articulate Live. It is very effective in creating responsive courses for any digital device complemented with rapid authoring. The suite of tools helps teams to collaborate online without the need of opening the application further quickening reviews and executions in projects.

The ever-growing content library is an added advantage consisting of a huge set of free templates, slides, and characters.

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Storyline 360 is the advanced tool of the 360 suite enabling to create responsive courses to any digital device. It is very simple that any designer or e-learning specialist can create a course and click publish. Multi-device compatibility ensures your interactive course anywhere.

It is highly mobile friendly and delivers ideal learner experience with course fit according to the device. Its Touchpad Gesture support further enhances the interactivity of users with the courses on tablets as well as a smart phone.

Make your life real simple by creating professional courses on Studio 360. Integration of ‘Content Library’ quickens your workflow as a user can access templates and characters which are abundant in number in the Content Library.

Use PowerPoint – a tool you already know – to create presentation‑based courses for any device, faster than ever. Presenter 360 lets you import and record audio, import and adjust video in any format, and easily add Flash movies, web objects, and interactive content to your slides.

Utilize Engage 360 to give your viewers high level of engagement while learning by adding media-rich interactions.

Quizmaker 360 is where you could test your learners by creating simple decision-making scenarios, surveys, polls and much more.

Walk learners through on-screen content by capturing screen activity and yourself on webcam—at the same time. With Articulate Replay 360, it’s super simple to create professional-looking screencasts with a personal touch.

Peek is ready when you need it, only a click away. Launch it directly from the Mac menu bar or the Windows system tray. Capture great-sounding screencasts. Select your mic from a simple drop-down menu and check out the volume level to see your voice coming through loud and clear.

It’s simple to share your Peek screencast. Upload it to Articulate 360 with a single click. Share it using a unique link or download it for easy loading into your LMS.

Create beautiful, inherently responsive e-learning with Rise. Using the latest web technologies, Rise automatically adapts courses for every device in the current technology world. It’s responsive authoring the way it should be.

Sample Course on rise – Detective Dang
Sample course on rise – Travelling is Fun
Sample course on rise – Welcome to Sacramento County!

Articulate Review can help you get feedbacks within no time from the proponents keeping all of them in sync with respect to the progress and updates of the project timeline. All you need to do is upload the course and share the link.

Create professional looking, effective eLearning faster than ever – at no added cost. Content Library gives you access to an ever-expanding library of customizable slide templates and images, designed by pros.

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed, ready-to-go slide templates with cohesive design and color themes. Find out more than enough characters and templates which can make your courses look professional-interactive-responsive.

Delve deep into Articulate applications and take your eLearning expertise to new heights. Articulate Live gives you the training you need, on the topics you want. With Articulate Live, you’ll discover all the tools and resources you need to start creating courses, now.